Mechatronics Engineering

About Mechatronics Engineering Department

The Department of Mechatronics Engineering was established in the year 2009 right from the inception of the Institution with an objective of imparting quality technical education in core, Automation and Robotics field. The department is honorably headed by Mrs. Uma G S who has more than 20 years of experience in the field. The department offers Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering (MC) with an intake 42 students. The department has state-of-the-art laboratories, library facility for staff & students and boasts of well trained, committed and experienced teaching faculty with an average teaching experience of 4 years, who emphasize the theoretical and practical applications of automation and robotics to the needs of society.

Diploma in Mechatronics is an Engineering discipline that deals with the integrated design of automation system for diverse applications in industry, transportation, bioengineering, among other fields. Mechatronics engineers integrate mechanical, electrical and software components


To impart value based education to the students of Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering by developing their core competencies, technical, societal and ethical perception leading to an efficacious career.


  • To enable our students to apply technical knowledge for finding creative and optimal solutions to real life problems using interdisciplinary approach.
  • We value creatively, integrity, innovation and excellence in our teaching methods and industry engagements.
  • Create awareness among students for global needs of society and innovate machinery according to engineering needs.
  • Empower the students for enhanced performance through continuous learning and research capabilities in Mechatronics domain.

Uma G S, B.E.(Electrical Engineering)

Mechatronics offers students an exciting new world of opportunities. One can not only work in Mechatronics field, but also can work in traditional fields like electronics engineering, computer engineering and Mechanical stream. The career opportunities for such graduates are immense. They can seek jobs in government sector as well as private sector. These graduates can seek jobs in a variety of industries ranging from consumer electronics to aerospace, automotive, bio-medical systems, robotics, defense, computer industry, oil & gas and other manufacturing industries.

Almost every manufacturing industry requires the help of Mechatronics engineers. Apart from that, there has been so much research into Mechatronics, that Mechatronics is present in every other industry. We also see that new factories and manufacturing facilities which are being built are completely based on Mechatronics engineering design principles. There is a huge demand for industrial automation. Most of the companies nowadays are being built on complete automation principles. Automating an industrial centre requires application of extensive Mechatronics principles and regulations.

For higher studies : They can opt for B.E in Mechanical, Electronics through lateral entry after diploma.

About department : Department of Mechatronics engineering was brought up in the year 2009-10, under the Government Order No: ED.NO.160TPE2009 dated 05-08-2009 by our energetic, enthusiastic chairman Mr. K.V.Naveen Kiran BA, LLB, with a great vision of providing the excellent course in the advanced and well growing Mechatronics engineering.
Our college is having very good infrastructure, well equipped lads, spacious class rooms, motivated lecturers, well stacked library and hostel.

Labs Avialed : Computer Lab ; Electro Pneumatic Lab ; CNC & Robotic Lab ; Phython Lab ; BEEE Lab ; Digital Electronics Lab ; Analog Electronics Lab ; Microcontroller & Application Lab ; IE & DAS Lab

I hereby request all the students to use available facilities for academic excellence and express my sincere gratitude to the students for the bright future.

Teaching Faculty

Uma G S

Incharge HOD

Shilpa K


Adinarayana H K


Suma H K


Naveen M V


Shravya Y R




Supporting Staff


Group D


Group D

Mechatronics Department Facilities

CNC & Robotic Lab

Develop their skills in Robotics, CNC Machines, Pneumatics, Interfacing, Python, C-Programming, PLC, CAD programming and appraise environmental and social issues with ethics and manage different projects in inter-disciplinary field.

Mechatronics Lab

Computer Lab ; Electro Pneumatic Lab ; CNC & Robotic Lab ; Phython Lab ; BEEE Lab ; Digital Electronics Lab ; Analog Electronics Lab ; Microcontroller & Application Lab ; IE & DAS Lab

Department Activities

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Labs :
Computer Lab.
Electro Pneumatic Lab
CNC & Robotic Lab
Phython Lab
Digital Electronics Lab
Analog Electronics Lab
Microcontroller & Application Lab
IE & DAS Lab

Industrial Visit

Industry Name
Schnedier Electricals