Sri K.V. & P.E. Trust®
Sri K.V. and Panchagiri Trust was established on 1978 by late C.V.Venkatarayappa, B.A.,Ex-MLA.
Sri.K.Venkatapatheppa & Panchagiri Education Trust

Established in year 1978 by late C.V.Venkatarayappa, B.A.,Ex-MLA, in the memory of his father Karnakanti Venkatapatheppa. Late Sri C.V Venkatarayappa, our Founder Chairman who was a renowned visionary and a philanthropist. Noticing the shortage of talented professionals required to uplift a rural areas around chickballapur, Our beloved founder chairman envisioned K.V.T Polytechnic as an institute of excellence imparting quality and affordable education. Part of K.V and P.E education Trust, K.V.T Polytechnic has grown over the years with significant contributions from various professionals in different capacities, whose personal commitment has seen the institution through its formative years.

Our Hertiage

Since its establishment, the KVT Polytechnic has played a vital role in providing the technical manpower and has contributed to all sectors of technological development. Over the last 35 years, K.V.T Polytechnic has experienced tremendous growth, registered numerous achievements and solidified its status as a leader in ushering in transformative advances in diverse and active lifestyle embracing study, cultural and sporting opportunities, community service and a wealth of social opportunities. This is alongside state of the art facilities and a learning environment that offers an exciting and rewarding academic experience.

Another jewel Mr K.V Naveen Kiran was added in the year 1999 into the already glittering crown in the History of this Institute as our Chairman.


KVT Polytechnic was founded by the great Philanthropist, Visionary, Educationist Sri C.V.Venkatarayappa on 4-September-1983 offering Diploma in Civil Engineering branch under the leadership of Mr. D.C. Shantha Ram who was the first Principal.

Mechanical Engineering

Basically Mechanical engineering is the art of problem-solving techniques ...... Mechanical Engineering was started on 4-Sep-1985.

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  • Electriconics & Communcation

    The journey of success continued with the addition of Electronics & Communication Engineering department on 18-Aug-1984.

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  • Computer Science

    With the objective of creating high quality professionals ..... Department of Computer Science was established on 02-March-1985.

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  • Automobile Engineering

    With an intention of creating skilled manpower ....... Department of Automobile was started on 23-Aug-1985.

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  • Mechatronics

    In order to provide students with an outstanding engineering education that allows ..... Mechatronics department was started on 5-Aug-2009..

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