Health & Wellness

KVT Polytechnic keeps the health & wellness need of the campus students as its top priority, and committed to provide high-quality prevention, education, and treatment services. The medical, counselling, and health promotion services are designed to stay healthy. We are providing healthcare with respect, consideration and confidentiality.

Counselling Centre : The holistic well being of our student community, encompassing both physical and mental health, is of the highest priority to the Institute. In pursuance of our commitment towards ensuring that, we have set up the Students Counselling Centre, to provide any required assistance to students who may be experiencing emotional or psychological conditions that pose a hindrance to their regular activities on campus.

The Counselling Centre offers a broad range of services including psychological assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, medication and management to promote mental health, life skills, emotional resilience and overall well being of the student community. Visiting psychiatrist are available for consultation at the Centre.

The Centre addresses problems associated with stress, time management, motivational issues and learning difficulties. It also helps students experiencing significant depression, anxiety, mood swings, or other thought disorders. Apart from individual sessions, the Centre plans to conduct group sessions to address life skills such as assertiveness, problem solving, anger management, self awareness, and interpersonal relationships.

KVT Polytechnic is committed to provide quality healthcare services to its employees and students through a dedicated and humane approach. In accordance with the District Hospital, Chickballapur provides Primary Health Care comprising of curative, preventive and health promotion services. Ambulance services during emergency situation are also taken care.

Tie-ups :

KVT Polytechnic has Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with District Hospital Chickballapur .


“ The Happiest man is he who is happy under all circumstances”

Survival of Society depends upon Human Values and its improvement is every educational institute’s responsibility. Before start work with professional ethics, everyone should check Human Values in his or her inner side.

The overall purpose of education is to enable the student to live a happy life – in harmony with family, society as well as nature. There is a growing feeling that the path being followed currently needs to be re-evaluated. Human Beings’ thoughts & actions depend on their education. If their education is right, their thoughts & actions are fulfilling otherwise they are not. K.V.T Polytechnic is committed to upgrade the level and standard of education in its affiliated college. The Human Values and Professional Ethics cannot be ignored in the technical education.

KVT Polytechnic College, doesn’t just focus on the academic uplifting of students. We also focus on the upliftment of the emotional quotient of our students, as to make them strong enough to face the world outside. As a part of this, we collaborated with the Heartfulness organisation. We have guest lecturers coming to the college once in a week to offer personality development and meditation classes to our students.

Heartfulness meditation along with Heartfulness relaxation technique are taught to the students.Heartfulness Meditation is a heart based meditation technique that helps the students live a heart-centered life, manage their emotions and find inner peace and balance. This is a simple yet a very effective meditation practice.

These classes help our students in enhancing their ethics, setting up their goals, increasing their concentration levels, overcoming fear, creating a positive atmosphere around them, clear thinking, creative thinking and indeed an overall development.

Occasionally, we also have workshops, where in, few eminent personalities would be invited to expound about mastering the Life Skills.