Electronics & Communcation Engineering

About Electronics & Communcation Engineering Department

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineeringeering was established in the year 1984-85 and this department offers a diploma program in E&C Engg. The department is also recognized by the AICTE of the GOVT OF INDIA. We have sophisticated electronics and communication labs, Digital electronics lab, networking lab & computer labs to meet the present curriculum. The department has been actively involved in making innovative technical projects and in addition to this the department involves in conducting workshops & seminars in the latest technologies.

The major goal of the department of E&C is to produce competent, resourceful, creative innovative, dynamic and ethically inclined young technologists/ diploma engineers having service motto, who can perform well in a wide variety of jobs. To achieve this, the curriculum provides a strong foundation in both technical & skill development aspects of E&C Engineering.


To produce creative and innovative dynamic, and ethical technologists who can lead in the ever-changing world of Electronics and Communication Technologies.


    The mission of the Electronics and Communication Engineering Program is to benefit the society at large by

  • Imparting quality technical education to the students providing excellent teaching learning Environment and through competitive curriculum in collaboration with industry through state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources.
  • To provide experience in teamwork, communications-oral, written and hands-on activities with the help of structured and unstructured real-world projects.
  • To create an environment to suit the needs of entrepreneurship.
  • To inculcate ethical values and leadership abilities in the minds of students so as to work towards the growth of the society.


The department of Electronics and communication Engineering presently located in c.v.v campus, and Founded by the great educationalist and visionary, Late Mr C.V.Venkatarayappa Sir. The diploma in electronics and communication engg was started in the year 1984-85, G.O. number – ED.NO. 180 TPE 84, Dtd. 18 - 08 – 84.

The focus of the department is to produce students with strong fundamentals in Electronics and Communication domain.

  • To train the E&C students to meet future global challenges.
  • To impart quality technical education to produce industry ready students.

  • E&C dept. is placed in one of the top in district and achieving 60% result in every academic year. The department has B.E. graduates of 7 faculty members with 16 years experience in various specializations in VHDL, ARM Controllers , PLC, Advanced Microprocessors, Mobile Computing system .

    Job opportunities:- students after finishing 3 years diploma course, they are having wide opportunities working in the field VHDL, PLC, Microcontroller and networking .

    Higher Education:- To motivate the students towards joining bachelor of engineering (B.E.) and DTE has given an option for taking CET and can directly join for 3rd sem in B.E. after completion of diploma course.

    Facilities to Students :

  • Every academic year students visit industries viz , telephone exchange , ISRO companies to upgrade their practical knowledge
  • Internet facility for browsing technical journals for ISAP presentation.
  • Guide lines for the projects given by the staff to the students within the college premises.
  • Providing LCD projectors for ISAP presentation.

  • Our college is having very good infrastructure, well equipped lads, spacious class rooms, motivated lecturers, well stacked library and hostel.

    Labs Avialed : • Basic Electronics Lab • Digital Lab • Communication Lab • Microcontroller Lab with Interfacing • VHDL Lab • ARM controller Lab • PC hardware Lab • PLC Lab • MAT Lab

    I hereby request all the students to use available facilities for academic excellence and express my sincere gratitude to the students for the bright future.

    Teaching Faculty




    Selection Grade Lecturer


    Selection Grade Lecturer


    Selection Grade Lecturer


    Selection Grade Lecturer

    Supporting Staff

    K.N.Surya Prakash


    P.Shyam Kiran

    Assistant Instructor







    Electronics & Communication Department Facilities

    Digital Electronics Lab

    An ability to design and analyze the concepts and applications in the field of communication/ networking, embedded systems and semiconductor technology.
    An ability to learn the courses related to, IOT, Embedded and Communication Systems to develop solutions to real world problems..

    Basic Electronics Lab

    An ability to communicate in both oral and written forms, the work already done and the future plans with necessary road maps, demonstrating the practice of professional ethics and the concerns for social and environmental impact.
    Other Labs
    Electronics Servicing Lab ; Computer Lab ; Pc Hardware & Networking Lab

    Department Activities

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    Labs :
    Basic Electronics Lab
    Digital Electronics Lab
    Electronics Servicing Lab
    Computer Lab
    Pc Hardware & Networking Lab

    Industrial Visit

    Industry Name

    Course Details

    • Year of Commencement : 1984-1985
    • Sanctioned Intake : 60
    • Grant in Aid : By Karnataka govt
    • AICTE approval letter No. & Date : :F.No.South.West/ 1- 691653221 /2012/EOA. Date:10.may-2012 Govt. order No. & Date : ED.No.180TPE 84,Dtd: 18.08.84