Student Discipline

  • Student Discipline:


K.V.T polytechnic expats a high degree of  discipline and decorum among the student community. We are expected to be smartly dressed uniforms at all times of the day and also follow a code of conduct and good behaviors.

The over all behavious of the students in the campus will be continuosly monitored. If any sort of misbehavious with any member of the facility(both  teaching and non-Teaching)or  managmant or office staff  etc is noticed , serious action as per the norms  of the management  will be taken. Students are required to strictly follow the dress code set by the institution.

As per the supreme count order “Ragging  is any form in banned” series action as per  norms will be taken against those indulging is such activities.

  • Examination


Semester Examination are conducted as per DTE norms and procedures, odd semester examinations will be held during Nov/Dec and even semester examination during April/May, every year.
1) For passing, students should obtain minimum 35% in each of the theory subject in Board Examination and should get minimum 45 marks including internal marks. Similarly for practical subject 50% in Board Examination and 60 marks including internal marks
2) Students who fails in more than four subjects both in odd and even semesters put together are not eligible to go to next academic year (Promotion from II semester and IV semester to V semester)




Maximum of 25 marks will be awarded in each subject.
For theory subjects, three internal tests are conducted.
For practical subjects, two internal tests are conducted.
Out of 25 marks, 20 marks for academic performance and 5 marks for attendance will be awarded.



Students should have minimum of 75% attendance in each subject. If not, students will be detained and would not be permitted for the final Board Examinations. To complete the course, the detained students have to be readmitted in the particular class.


The medium of instruction for the entire course will be English only.