Sri K.V. & P.E. Trust®

The Educational Institutions run under the auspicious of Sri. K.Venkatapathappa and Panchagiri Education Trust

Panchagiri Practicing High School
Panchagiri Pre-University College
Sri K.V. English School (ICSE)
Panchagiri Pre-University College
Sri K.V. Kannada Primary School
Sri K.V. Kannada Higher Primary School
Sri K.V. English School
Sri K.V. TCH
Sri M.V. I.T.I.
Sri K.V. College of Education (B.Ed.)
K.V. College of Polytechnic
Sri K.V. College of Physical Eductaion
Sri Panchagiri Primary School
Smt Venkatanarasamma Gurukula Ashram
Sri K.V.T. Groups of Hostel for Men and Women


Sri.K.Venkatapatheppa & Panchagiri Education Trust (SKV&PET)

Sri K.V. and Panchagiri Trust was established on 1978 by

late C.V.Venkatarayappa, B.A.,Ex-MLA.

In the memory of his father Karnakanti Venkatapatheppa. The trust is running 17 Institutions like K.V.T Polytechnic(Aided), Sri K.V.College of Pharmacy,Sir M.V.Industrial Training Center, Sri K.V.College of Education., Sri.K.V.College of Physical Education, Sri K.V. English School with ICSE Syllabus, Panchagiri practicing High School, Panchagiri Practicing Higher Primary School, Sri K.V.EnglishSchool (Fort), Smt Venkatanarasamma Gurukulashrama, Sri K.V.T. Group of Hostels, Sri K.V.T. Estate, Sri K.V.T. Transport, Sri Panchagiri Pre-University College, Sri K.V.D.Ed, Sri. K.V. Kannada Higher Primary School, etc.,

The campus has sprawling area of over 110 acres of land with a scenic beauty and country side environment.

Sri K.V. & Panchagiri Educational Trust founded and Chaired by late Sri C.V.Venkatarayappa, a man with vision and mission in the fields of education and politics, with his dedication and determination, metamorphosed this little known town into a well known center for learning. He was supported by other eminents.

Called as "The Mother" of Sri K.V. & Panchagiri Educational Trust, is Srimathi Kamala Venkatrayappa





Mr. Naveen Kiran the chairman of Sri K.V. & Panchagiri Educational Trust, is an young enthusiastic , energetic person having dreams about the schools and colleges and is actively involving himself in all activities of the schools and colleges whole heartily to fulfill the dreams of his grand father and founder chairman


Dr. Sai Prabhu , the administrator of Sri K.V. & Panchagiri Educational Trust has immense knowledge of administration as he was in the same field even during his service as a doctor. His contribution for the development of the college is immense.