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Training & Placement report of 2018

It is our great pleasure to out forward Training & Placement report of K.V.T.Polytechnic. It is not enough to educate students to make them knowledgeable, it is necessary to ensure that they are put on the right path for becoming valuable citizens of the world. This is exactly what the Training & Placement  Department of K.V.T.Polytechnic has to privilege of doing for the students. We consider it to be an honour and opportunity to present to you a group of young, dynamic individuals who have been groomed to face challenges that lie ahead for them in the industry and corporate would as a whole.

A precise academic procedure has equipped students with the proficient and special skills to do extremely well in various demanding situations with ease and confidence. Interaction with the industry is done on a regular basis as many speakers from well known companies share their expertise with our students.

Our teaching pedagogy which includes presentations, case studies, projects, educational and industrial tours and participation in seminars and conferences, sports and cultural activities which help towards acquiring skills sought after and needed by Industries.


Placement being the ultimate objective of education, the department ensures that each and every student of the Institution gets an opportunity to be selected for placement in some of the best companies of the nation.


We assure that the industries will be benefited from these young and lively minds. We wish the students grand success in their Endeavour’s and feel confident that they will make significant contributions to the industry in course of their work.

As a result effort taken by Training & Placement team the following companies has been part of our Training & Placement team the following companies has been part of our Training & Placement activities for year 2018. We hope that many more would add in the future. K.V.T.Polytechnic has an impeccable campus placement record during 2018.Their abilities are well attested by the excellent reports from the recruiting companies.


- B Prabhakaran

Placement Officier